COVID Response

Bel Air’s COVID Response

Covid Response

During the initial period from April to December 2020, Bel-Air managed two institutional quarantine centers, one in Mahabaleshwar with 100 bed capacity and another in Bel-Air Campus. Bel-Air was designated a Dedicated Covid Health Care Center with a capacity of 92 beds. Bel-Air also deputed nurses to Covid Hospitals in Satara District including Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, D.Y.Patil Medical Hospital, Navi Mumbai, Satara Civil Hospital, Maine Medical College, Gotvadekar Hospital, Wai, Shirwal CCC, Spundanam Hospital, Wai, Geetanjali Hospital Wai, Nikop Hospital, Phaltan and  Rural Hospital Koregaon.

Bel-Air laboratory collected 8873 swab samples and 1176 were found positive, conducted 7748 Rapid Antigen tests and 966 were found to be positive.


Bel-Air has taken up the responsibility of Covid vaccination in the area and has exceeded its targets. To this day the Hospital has  given 20,232 number of doses through Rural Hospital, Mahabaleshwar, PHC Tapola and Taldev. In addition to the ongoing vaccination in the RH for those above 45, Mahabaleshwar RH has also been  allotted a vaccination site for those between 18 to 45. Ours is the only among 10 RHs in  Satara District which got vaccination on 1st May 2021. This is obviously a recognition for the excellent work done by Bel-Air  in vaccination covering 93% of the target under Tapola PHC area, 110% under Taldev PHC area and 60% in Mahabaleshwar RH. 

This may be a record in the country. The  monitoring team from the Central Government had taken special notice of the same as well as excellent treatment arrangements done by RH in collaboration with Bel-Air.

Second Wave

With the onset of the second surge from February 2021 there has been an exponential increase of Covid cases across the state. Villages in Mahabaleshwar Taluka were reporting an alarming 60% positivity rates. The non-availability of ventilators and oxygen beds has proved fatal for many. Bel-Air with its experience of managing Covid patients during the first wave took on the second wave head on. With the help of donors, Bel-Air had revamped its infra-structure by procuring ventilators and other ICU equipment, which were the only ones available in Mahabaleshwar Taluka,  and  has increased the oxygen beds to 105.  It has also signed an MOU with the District Administration, Satara to provide free treatment to 60 Covid patients.

Due to the acute shortage in the supply of oxygen, Bel-Air was struggling to meet the demand. It is only because of the extraordinary commitment of our dedicated staff and the goodwill we have with our District Collector that Bel-Air has managed to keep up with the oxygen requirement. Our vehicles end up waiting in queue for hours on end to get refills of oxygen cylinders. We have now received financial support of Rs.73 lakhs as the cost of PSA oxygen generating plant. The cost of civil work for setting up the oxygen plant is estimated around Rs.15 lakhs which has also been sponsored. The plant is expected to be functional by end of June 2021.

   During the first wave we just had 2 ventilators. But when the second wave started, we were unprepared for the rush of patients who needed ventilator support. Situation was very bad across the district and the state giving us no option even to refer patients out. Hence we acted promptly. Now we have 22 ventilators including the 14 donated by Singapore Red Cross.  Till 24th June 2021,  1298 patients were admitted, 1136 discharged, 53 referred to higher centre, 73 expired and 36 are currently on treatment.

    A team of our nurses are spread out in the region to visits at home, give  

    medications and screen them to identify serious patients for referral to hospital.

Workplace Vaccination Drive

In view of the acute shortage of vaccines specially for staff of various establishments, Bel-Air took the initiative to provide Workplace Vaccination across   various locations in Maharashtra.  The hospital signed an agreement with Serum Institute of India (SII) for procuring and arranging Workplace Vaccinations. SII has committed to deliver to Bel-Air 50,000 doses initially.

As of June 2021 Bel-Air has received 50000 doses from SII and is in the process of vaccinating the  workforce in various establishments including industrial units, hotels, hospitals, etc.

In collaboration with Mandeshi Foundation Bel Air has embarked upon a project to vaccinate women in rural areas of Satara district.

Bel-Air is collaborating with Tata Motors to promote vaccination in remote rural areas of Satara , Pune and Palghar districts through customized vaccination vans designed by Tata motors.